Is it normal to do meaningless things so exact and specific?

I just know someone who does everything so specific, even meaningless stuff, and it drives me nuts.

For example ---

Me: Could you please stir some creamer into that coffee?
Them: Sure, how many times?
Me: What do you mean?
Them: How many stirs should I give it?
Me: Just a few, enough to mix it in
Them: *does it* Okay I stirred it three times. I think that should be enough.

Obviously it doesn't matter how many times exactly you stir cream into coffee... so idk why this person needs specific numbers. I guess I have to start using specific numbers with them, even for meaningless things.

It's just like.... one of those mildly infuriating things.

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  • Sounds very autistic because us autistic people tend to struggle with instructions and therefore need them to be very specific at all times.
    It's definietely a fear of doing something wrong too as anxiety is common with autism, it gets that way when you grow up constantly getting scolded for not doing what is expected of you.

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  • Awe, their poor brain. Sounds like they are on the autism spectrum. Just give them a number, it's not like it hurts you. Unless it does. But if they ask for something that specific it probably does cause them stress to not have one. If you can easily prevent that, just do it.

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  • next time tell em to stir the coffee 400 times

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