Is it normal to dislike when people overshare things with me?

Over the years people have shared the stupidest crap with me. Things like crimes they committed and got away with, their forbidden sexual thoughts and actions, and even where they hide their money and valuables.

Things like that shouldn't be shared. I don't care about the time you stole a bunch of TVs, robbed a homeless guy, had a sexual fantasy of a minor, the size and shape of the many dicks you sucked behind your wife's back, or the exact room you keep your life savings, etc. They always have to describe it in great detail too. What's the point? Hell if it were anyone else these people told it to they'd be arrested, beat up, snitched on or robbed. I'm not going to do any of that to them but I know plenty of people that would.

These days the second a person tells me too much info, I just walk away. Ghost them completely. They're no longer invited into my home. I've got elderly conservative parents who would probably have a heart attack hearing that nonsense and a young nephew who shouldn't be near dangerous people.

Why do people overshare with me? They really need to keep some things to themselves or at least get a psychologist, therapist or some other stooge that can pretend to care.

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  • Yeah. People tend to for some reason feel very comfortable opening up to me about all kinds of shit and i'm just there like okay????

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  • I agree I don't need to know about how big the shit you just took was.

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  • I like to listen to people's stories. It demands no work of me. As long as they're happy to go on talking they aren't going to abandon me.

    It's part of the reason I like this site.

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  • Did you ever think that maybe, some things are things we need to get off our chest or share with someone? Be thankful people trust you enough with their secrets, cause I sure as hell wouldn't.

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