Is it normal to dislike my own birthday?

so i really dislike my birthday because years ago, when my family wasn't in the financial status to do much for my birthday, like host a party or get a cake, things like that
but because it was so long back, i was too young to understand the situation, so i had all these great expectations from the people around me to wish me, and gift me, etc but since none of that happened for 3 or so years, i started feeling so bad on my birthday. it died down the past few years, but now its like just slightly different than the rest of my days.
is it normal for me to feel this way or am i just holding onto the past for nothing? honestly can't even tell anymore.

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  • I know lots of people that dislike their birthday, but not for those reasons.

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    • can you tell which reason? i would actually like to know

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  • It's alright to. We've all had our moments about our birthdays.

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  • It was only when I grew up that I realised that my family was a bit weird. It wasn't abusive (not by the standards of the day, anyway) and we weren't poor, but looking back, we were strangely socially isolated, even though we lived in a typical lower-middle class neighbourhood in a perfectly normal city near Seattle.

    I can't recall either I or any of my younger siblings ever having a birthday party. I'm sure my mother baked a cake a few times and the family sang Happy Birthday to whoever's it was, and there might have occasionally been small presents given, but it was just never a huge thing in my family.

    It's all a very long time ago now (more than 50 years!), but I can just about recall feeling disappointed about that as a kid. I don't remember it being a hugely traumatic thing, though.

    I'm sure that's why birthdays have just never mattered to me. In fact, a few years ago, my wife, my daughter and I all completely failed to notice when my birthday came and passed. I wasn't bothered at all by that, but since birthdays have always been a huge thing for my wife, she was very upset.

    It seems to me that it's perfectly fine to celebrate a kid's birthday as they're growing up since those are milestones towards maturity. I also fully understand young adults using birthdays as an excuse for a party. But it seems to me that once you hit 30 or so, it all gets a little silly and childish. The depressing fact is that every birthday you have once you hit that age is marking another step towards your inevitable physical decline and demise. Why the hell would any sensible person choose to pay much attention to that?

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    • I wish to have your mindset of a birthday really, cause as long as you're happy overall , there's no special reason to look forward to this day, right ?

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