Is it normal to demand asian cheerleaders?

My brother looks like the Pillsbury Doughboy swallowed Jabba the Hut and has a personality that matches that of nuclear waste, but he is demanding Asian cheerleaders. He has been obsessively cranking his shaft in my basement to videos of them dancing on Youtube. They're damned cute, and damned out-of-his-league, too, but he won't listen. He moved in after mom died and he couldn't afford rent, so he works night shifts at the gas station and comes home to drink a few tallboys and eat a QT hotdog before firing up the computer and getting probably the only exercise he gets in a day before slinking off to bed. I've told him that he's probably not these girls' only suitor and that he's actually going to have to get off his ass and purchase a ticket before he can even begin to realistically pursue one, but he keeps blaming me, saying that I'm charging him too much rent for him to even consider buying a ticket. I've told him to get some job training so he can make some more money, or maybe join the service so that he can maybe get out and get deployed somewhere where there's lots of Asians, but he'd rather just waste tissues and moan about how he'll never get what he thinks he's owed.

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  • People have all kinds of desires and dreams. It's normal to have a desire for a specific kind of sexual partner.

    Having the ability to obtain that desire is a completely different thing; and many people find that it takes a lot of work and many years to obtain their desire (especially if freely given in the case of a sex partner: of course I'm sure he could buy the services of an asian cheerleader for the right price on a per meeting basis).

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  • So your brother is broke, ugly, and blames others for his problems, yet wants to date someone who's perfect? Yeah, I've met quite a few people like that. Unless he makes that effort to change, he's going to wind up like them: alone, bitter, and have nothing to show for their lives when they hit 40.

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  • Looooooooool

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  • Sounds like the same person who wrote the post about respect

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  • The idea of someone joining the military for the purpose of banging foreign women is amusing to me. Lmao

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