Is it normal to consider minimalism

I am considering minimalism life especially for clothes.
I get stressed with many things but I cant for example get rid off clothes. I wear same shirts as from 10 years ago which was thrifted and already old and cheap pieces from H&M and such. But I have no money.
I have noneutral clothes. So very hard to look put together like an adult. When I start a job I dont want to show in poorly fitting, washed out or well worn jeans and graphic tees. Its not very classy.
So I was deciding to get rid of it if I am capable emotionally and to buy expensive pieces. Maybe one a month or so because I cant afford.
Or if im lucky to find good qualities in thrift store. For long time I wanted less clothes but easier to make nice outfits.Now I have 3wardrobes which are full they always a mess. And I wear maybe 3 sweatshirts out of all and 2-3 t-shirts. Many stuff dont match anything I have. Or dont look good on me or not my style.

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  • Go to Walmart (Or an equivalent.) and buy a set of plain t-shirts in various colors. You don't have to buy expensive clothing to be seen as classy.

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