Is it normal to brush my teeth at work?

Is it normal to brush your teeth at work? I do this, as I drink coffee there, and I want to get the taste out of my mouth. Do others do this, and if so,why do you do it?

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  • I used to do that. I need to start doing it again. I mainly do it as a way to encourage the kid(s) to brush their teeth, but nothing wrong with better dental hygiene.

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  • I do it because working on my feet all day can make my mouth dry even after drinking a lot of water. The mint refreshes it.

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  • Coffee is acidic so hopefully you are waiting 30 min after finishing to brush, otherwise you may wear down enamel. Besides that good for you. It may not be "normal" but that's bc the rest of us are lazy.. 😪

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  • It might not be the most common thing for you to brush your teeth at work, but it's certainly quite admirable, normal and very healthy. Good for you!

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  • I don't think it's just normal. It's actually recommended, because we are actually supposed to brush our teeth 3 times a day, not just 2 times a day.

    So yeah, brushing teeth at work is a very good thing.

    Heck, I even brush my teeth at public bathrooms when I'm outside.

    Very normal, and important!

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