Is it normal to believe that 99% of christians aren't really christian?

I mean if you take any part of the bible figuratively then are you really a Christian? Where in the bible does it say you can take it figuratively? To me being a Christian means you believe old testament and new testament exactly how it was written. It always bothers me when people say certain stories weren't meant to be literal. I honestly don't look at those people as Christians, just people who are scared of the uncertainty of death or pick and choose what they want to believe to make themselves feel better. Nothing really wrong with it just doesn't make you a true christian.

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  • Yup and the same thing applies to muslims. The terrorists are actually the "good" muslims who follow the Quran to the T.

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  • I think your percentage is a bit high, but I understand the viewpoint

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  • Either way its all a pile of shit

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  • Well you're right if you believe most christians aren't really all that christian. Christians are very religiously ignorant of their own beliefs. I'm not sure about that taking everything that's written literally though. Do you really want to be like Islam? If you're going down that path you might as well become a wahhabi muslim.

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  • Your totally right.

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