Iin. to believe multiverses exist? dont read

Is it normal to think that multiverses in fact actually can potentially exist, & that Lockheed Martin has Proven blueprints straight from Nikola Tesla recovered after his death & just can't admit they can and do reverse an electromagnetic field of a dimension we only recently became capable of observing/measuring thanks to tesla that opens portals that matter can be pushed through to another point of & in space & time just so as long as we physically place the "JUMP ROOM" at the receiving end first and that we placed one on mars and the space x program Intended to reach mars is just another of many diversions to more easily conceal the "black technology" like CERNs goals & interests as their already shooting bullets at the time space continuum until they can tear it more to see what's waiting for them on the other side & why do they have the Hindu god of destruction as their statue in front of their headquarters and are keeping their real reasons for generating quantifiably mesurably sized black holes & hide it from the public seeing eye as they double the technological circuity every year or two maybe less & just got upgraded from a 18 mile bullet chamber four-fifth rate of fire to now an equivalent to that of DARPAS BEST electromagnetic propelled machine assault rifles & THEY THINK WE ALL REALLY BELIEVE ITS HARMLESS? UNTIL WHAT SPEED? OF LIGHT & BEYOND THAT RIGHT? I guess we'll just get devoured into an abyss of absolute zero because of a stupid reason for nothing like I dunno, murdering unborn children and being COMPLICIT with the whole act going on since the beginning of recorded history?


If you'd like to read more about why I had this thought, I had a strong sativa then immediately sent my friend this text message:

WHOA, my text app says I messaged you at 8:08 at which point I then departed, & did not message you again until EXACTLY 12:08! I promise I didn't plan this! Do you believe in another life form besides the ones on our planet? Including the many universes and those in black holes and more in the black holes of those universes of more black holes within more universes of black holes in more universes of black holes of more fucking universes within every one added in the order of one within another? & IF SO, THEN DO MULTIVERSES EXIST? ARE THERE SO MANY THAT AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF REPLICAS OF YOU IN TIME AND SPACE EXIST ALL AT THE SAME IN ALTERNATE DIMENSIONS NOT INCLUDING POSSIBLY SPIRITUAL ONES AT THE SAME PRECISE MOMENT AND IT JUST KEEPS ON REPEATING ITSELF? *BOOF, nickuh!* how bou dat? Cash me ousside!

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