Is it normal to be turned on by elf on the shelf?

I like it - the whole idea of being watched while these little freaks report back to Santa. They're watching me, he's watching me, and Santa's keeping track of all the naughty things I'm doing. Of course, I am very certain of the fact that Santa doesn't exist and this whole thing is a hoax, but I like to pretend and put them up around my place anyway because I think it's sexy. Thoughts?

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  • You'd love Pyongyang

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  • I have a pinhead figure on my table, makes sense.

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  • You're free to to what you want, but be aware that visitors might find it offputting.

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  • Hate to break it to you, but being turned on or doing sexual stuff is not naughty, and will not put you on the naughty list for that, unless of course you're forcing someone to fuck you, then yeah that is pretty naughty.

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