Is it normal to be terrified of fireworks?

Last night I went with a buddy to see fireworks for the first time since I was a child. I’m 20 now, and when I was a kid it wasn’t scary, but when the first one went off, I immediately ducked and covered my ears. My heart was racing and I was breathing really fast. I cried for a few minutes while he tried to calm me down. My hands were shaking for a bit after.

I’m pretty susceptible to jumpscares and loud noises, but I didn’t expect such a visceral reaction to something so trivial. It felt like I was in danger and my body was in fight or flight.

Is this normal? Is there any reason someone might react like this?

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  • Are you a dog or cat?

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  • Would I probably look at you weird if I saw this happen in real life? Yeah. Is this a rational fear to have? Also yes.

    If I wanted to psychoanalyse you I could spout some shit about you having ptsd or anxiety or autism here but in reality it's probably just that humans still have an inbuilt fight or flight mechanism and a sudden loud noise is gonna set off those danger signals in the brain.

    What you experienced definitely sounds like an anxiety attack though. They're not fun but they won't hurt you.

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  • One time I got jumpscared by one when I was trying to sleep

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