Is it normal to be so lazy you can’t even get up to get food

I’m SO damn lazy, it’s getting ridiculous. I’m way behind my schoolwork (in fact I don’t think I’ve studied at all in months). Like right now it’s 3 PM and I’m starving but there’s nothing good enough to eat at home and I don’t feel like going out to get McDonald’s (literally 5 mins away) so I’m just starving. Also I’m thirsty too but no water left in my bottle and I don’t wanna get up to go to the kitchen.

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  • Sounds like you're depressed. Push yourself a bit. Take a shower. Tidy your pad then go to McD's. Get at 'er!

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  • bruh, sometimes I deadass will goto bed with a full blatter bcuz I don't wanna get up n go pee. So in the middle of the night the pee is so bad wen I wake i have to rush to the bathroom 😂😂😂 and its been plenty of times I've went to sleep witht the light on cuz I was not about to get up to cut the light out.

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    • Bruh?
      Are you a french fag from Quebec?
      If not, learn to spell.
      Or even
      But bruh???
      That's not a word.
      Unless you have a gay lisp from to much cum on your tongue.

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  • Boy! how did you manage to write all that?

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  • happens to everyone but you might have an internet addiction.

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  • Watch Beavis and Butthead reruns. This will help life to make more sense for you.

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  • You are probably very depressed.

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  • Sounds like a self-limiting condition: if you really are too lazy to get up and get yourself something to eat and drink, you'll soon be dead.

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  • Just find what you like and focus on that

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  • you could be one of my daughters , this generation got ruined because there hopes a dreams dried up under Obama .

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