Is it normal to be skinny and dont like eating with others

I always get accused of eating disorders because im very skinny and people are very rude they go straight to "are you anorexic?" like its an everyday fun topic of conversation.
I am naturally skinny I love to eat so yeah. I never care about what I eat and have only started to care at all because I want my skin to look nice and I dont want cavities. As a kid and a teen I ate constantly and it made no difference and actually I weigh more now than I did then even though I eat less now so explain that???

I dont eat every meal but I am autistic and I cant stand cooking so since I live with my mom still I eat when she eats. She only likes to eat dinner because she hates cooking too.
I eat lunch when I have a job and of course back when I was in school.
I dont think it makes a big difference. When I go to see someone I rarely want to eat. I tell them I ate at home or i'm not hungry. It makes people look at me funny.

I feel the pressure when sitting with someone and I have to eat AND talk. I cant talk and eat at the same time how does anyone ever do that??? I am a slow eater too and I dont want anyone to sit and stare at me while I finish eating but it happens that I eat out with a friend or with a date to be nice. I never eat at anyones house though. Maybe I am weird but I have a phobia of allergies and I dont know if I have any so I cant eat at someones house just in case. People are very weird, I dont get why people want to cook for you when there is takeout aka food that professional chefs made.

I wouldnt be anorexic or bulimic because those people look like shit, they get weird lines on their face and look sunken in and their skin looks like shit because they dont get any vitamins and nutrients, same with their hair. Very mentally ill behaviour. I am just picky about what I eat because of autism and I cant stand some textures and I think it is rude to talk when eating or look at someone who eats. It is a peaceful quiet time of enjoying your food in silence.

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  • I used to be skinny but people harassed me to especially my overweight family members. My sister and my mom sometimes have two suppers and years of not eating healthy and overeating my mom has been hospitalized a few times. She stopped eating fast food but still bugs me of I choose to eat healthy

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