Is it normal to be really indecisive about what you want in a relationship/love?

I'm a decently good-looking man, by default I'm a bit introverted but can be very extroverted and the life of the party if my mood is in that flow.

once in a blue moon a woman will come into my life in some way or another, sometimes I'll look into her eyes and I feel "in love" or at least some sense of love or huge potential for love, we'll have a happy several months together, and although I adore her I feel an urge to move on and I do.

other times a woman will come into my life and it'll be a quick fling, a happy chapter of fun, but a short one that we are both okay with.

sometimes when I'm single I wish i had lover that i had at least somewhat of a soul bond with, other times when I'm in a relationship, even if I really do have deep feelings for them I think about the girl in my head, in other words, a fantasy of someone else who i don't know (yet) but would be a better match.

And then finally sometimes I just sincerely want nothing more than to be alone, and i don't feel much desire to be around even the people that make me happiest. I guess I am a bit of a loner by choice, More social than most loners but definitely seek out alone time more than most people I think. for whatever that's worth.

I just feel a mess about what I want in my love life, sometimes I feel deep and after true love and other times I feel shallow and after pleasure.

IIN? any thoughts?

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