Is it normal to be more annoyed with cherry-pickers than radical religious people?

I understand that it is much better for a person to pick and choose what they like about their religion (leaving all the bad parts out) but it annoys me so much.
How can you say that your Holy Book is important to your religion but NEVER read it and ignore the passages you don't like? Isn't that supposed to be "the word of God"? It seems like that would be very disrespectful to your religion.

I personally am not religious but if I was I'd rather not be hypocritical. I even know some people that never go to church, never read their holy book (Bible, Qu'ran, etc.) and (for the Christians) don't even follow the Ten Commandments.
Why not just call yourself a theist and stop pretending you're a Christian, Muslim or whatever? It would at least make sense and I doubt people would judge you for it.

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  • Spot on

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  • The worst is when people cherry pick stuff as an excuse to discriminate or abuse, while at the same time ignoring whatever is inconvenient for themselves.

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  • Well, it isn't possible for people who practice religions like Islam and Christianity to function in modern society without ignoring a lot of the Bible and Koran. So, it's good in that without this phenomenon we never would have escaped the dark ages.

    It would be better for people to all discard religion entirely, but it's harder for people to accept that their core worldview and moral beliefs are fundamentally wrong (especially when there are social incentives against doing this) than it is for them to just gloss over the worst parts of their faith.

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  • They're both pathetic excuses for human beings.

    It is entirely possible to be a genuine adherent of a religion without being either negative extreme.

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