Is it normal to be friends with boyfriend's ex

Well technically he's my ex but we're still in contact. Her and I were Facebook friends but didn't get to be actual friends until not long before my ex and I broke up. She said she had the same negative experiences with him as I did (him getting easily angered, etc). There's never been any petty jealousy, except I was a wee bit jealous in the beginning that they were still in contact but then I found out it was mainly regarding the wifi bill that they shared. She's a very sweet and very beautiful lady. Sometimes I still feel sad about my ex, like I really miss his family and they loved me but now his sister hates me because she thinks I made false accusations that he got violent, which I loved him way too much to do. My friend/his ex says I'm welcome to text her any time if I need to talk but I don't want to bother her. I do want to see her because that would make me feel better; I see that she's happy not being in contact with him or his family anymore, and she dated him for roughly the same amount of time as I did, so if she can get to that place so can I. Her and I got to be friends because she works at the salon where I get my hair and eyebrows done, and we've had contact outside of the salon the last few months. So is it normal or can anyone relate?

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  • A while ago I was fucking a dude that I worked with. We are still very good friends but I didn’t want anything further. Then my other coworker started fucking him. She is also one of my best friends. Now they’re engaged. I love them both very dearly and they love me too.

    I have opted to not be a bridesmaid. Lol.

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  • Yes, its normal to have friends regardless of any past ties to sexual relationships or that they were in a sexual relationship with one of your friends.

    My best lifelong friend (40+ years) was a Lady I dated when I started college; but that did not work out for marriage. But we were great friends... and still are.

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  • A friend of mine met one of her closest friends through a shared ex boyfriend. A lot of people have a “type” leading to their exes having similar interests and senses of humour and often being in the same life stage too. If you’re enjoying talking to her I don’t see why you should stop.

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