Is it normal to be feeling both of happy and cheerful?

I originally asked if it was normal to have a loner personality but I deleted it because I thought there is a way to change myself to being cheerful and happy.

So after deleting that I tried to apply what everyone said.

I am feeling cheerful and happy because I'm trying to listen to music and at the same time I am applying for a job, I know jobs are a pain in the ass to get by. Another reason why I am feeling happy and cheerful because of everyone on this website minus the trolls.

I'm only getting myself a job because the message from have_a_good_day echoed and he said " perhaps you should stop making all these damn posts with yo manic ass and get yoself a job " so I thought why not get myself a job in a convenient store or something. ( Sure I find it a bit confusing with his comments but I do find it constructive criticism about myself I use it as feedback).

And I decided to make new friends. Make friends from the unknown of course I made friends that are my age.

I then decided to do stuff that isn't said to be creepy.

Now my next step is to plan ahead ( perhaps I could plan a day with my friends, do some work in the mean time ). There's so many possibilities that I had missed out but I chose to not use them, I could unless become a lot more constructive ( like some sort of hobby I enjoy doing ).

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