Is it normal to be disgusted by oli london?

I just hate Oli london.

Im sorry but i hate him with a vengance. Why would someone change their whole face, their whole identity and race just to look like Jimin. He is seriously fucked up.

Jimin even wrote a song about people seeing him as the beauty standard and how he hated it. Unfortunately Oli's face didnt get the message in time

what will this whacko do next?

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  • What annoys me about him is that he is stealing Jimin's image, I'm not even a k-pop fan but I can understand why a lot of BTS fans have loads of hate towards that guy.

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    • hear hear! I forgot to add that Jimin wrote a song and in the lyrics he talked about people seeing him as perfect and how he hated it

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  • I didn't think any topic about oli london would be on this website, but here we are..

    I hate him. He's an extreme koreaboo, and way too obsessed with jimin. He couldn't even name the leader of bangtan properly without saying jungkook was the leader and on top of that, he's had HUGE sasaeng behaviour. It's just so weird.

    Now he wants to be part of BIGHIT/HYBE so that he can be a member of an American boy group, but he doesn't even realize that his music is trash.

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    • Bruh u did your research alright. I didnt know he wanted to be in HYBE tho. saseng right there folks

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  • I looked the dude up and he's very un-natural looking.

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  • Dude looks like a weirdo.

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  • I have the displeasure of knowing who Oli London is and I only cling to hope that he is just milking k-pop fans to get attention.

    Some theorise that he does not really care about Jimin and just pretends to because he wants Jimin’s dedicated fans to see him as one of them and subscribe to his idiocy. He claims to have had surgery to resemble Jimin but he looks just like any other over-done white Malibu Barbie.

    Pretending to marry a cardboard cut-out of an attractive celebrity is the sort of behaviour I forgive in star-struck teenagers but when a grown adult does it and posts it online it becomes creepy. I don’t often feel bad for celebrities but I hope Jimin didn’t have to see that.

    In terms of what’s next maybe he’ll buy Jimin’s hair trimmings off eBay and sleep with them under his pillow? Perhaps with a pair of his used underwear as an eye mask?

    Once Jimin’s popularity has simmered down, as happens to all celebrities eventually, I’m sure Mr London will lose interest, until then I hope Jimin has good security.

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