Is it normal to be devoted to poppy?

I am completely devoted to ThatPoppy.

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  • We stan ThatPoppy tbh

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  • Yeah, 110% normal, unfortunately. Any human being would get devoted to "that poppy", if they took any of its pharmacologically active components enough times. It's sadly just the nature of that beast. I've never touched it myself, but I've had plenty of friends who went down that road.

    And I'm not hating on your spiritual devotion here, but believe me when I say that it's a dark path to go down. The stuff has a way of tricking you, making you think that it's helping you when it's tearing you to pieces and you don't even realize it.

    Even if you're "just" drinking poppy seed tea and not shooting dope or anything like that, that stuff can fuck your life up too, and some of my friends have nearly overdosed from "just" poppy seed tea. And you can OD and die on any opiate drug, whether it's pills, dope, poppy seed tea, or literally any other opiate drug.

    Not judging or anything. Just saying that I've had plenty of friends who went down that road. And it's bad. Getting devoted to it only leads to a nightmare. So, if you can get clean, do it. And if not, do whatever you can to stay safe. Best of luck and stay safe.


    If you were referring to something else and not the opium poppy, then my reply is totally irrelevant. And I have no idea what you're talking about.

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  • I stan Loona

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  • Are you talking about that elderly man who peed on Jerry's couch on Seinfeld?

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  • ortiz was a great batter

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