Is it normal to be appalled by people stealing things from school on tiktok?

There's this trend where people are stealing things from school for clout on TikTok, this is just pure disgusting and terrible.

If anything the schools should press charges on people who steal their things. Either the schools don't have a good security or the schools just are just plain dumb in people getting away with this.

If they did it at the school that I went to I could guarantee you that person would never get away with stealing.

This is more reasons why TikTok is cancer. Stealing things for clout isn't worth it and I just wish people would stop doing dumb shit.

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  • The term clout makes me cringe.

    Stealing petty shit is lame, stealing it from school is even lamer lol.

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    • I agree with it being lamer 100%.

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    • When I was looking for a weekend job to save up for my driving test, my mother told me that listing all the chores I do at home would give my CV more "clout".

      Yes, this was a long time ago and yes, she is very old.

      I always associate the word with her generation, along with "jolly good" and "splendid".

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  • From what little I've seen of TikTok, it seems as if it is mainly used as a platform to seek attention, even if it is negative attention. I have seen several videos from there of people doing very stupid things, or things they know are wrong. It's a shame it seems to work in these people's favor and accomplish exactly what they were wanting it to.

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  • Mine is all herbal remedies, DIY and politics. Normal people don’t watch children stealing and give it a heart.

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  • I'm not fond of thieves of any sort!

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  • Kids were doing this long before TikTok, a guy I used to be friends with would take his teachers’ pens and bury them in school plant pots and steal staplers from the school just to throw them in the park.

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  • Tiktok isn't cancer, my feed is full of DIY, nature and health videos never saw anything about kids stealing.

    They'd do anything for attention though, hopefully the school finds out I'm sure they will.

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