Is it normal to be annoyed by people who post their dirty laundry on social med

I have begun blocking certain people, because every FB post is "woe is me". They rant about their cheating spouses, in laws, minor health issues, etc. if you're going in for major surgery and are asking for well-wishes / prayers, that's all good. But I don't need to know the specifics about your kid's ADHD, your dating woes, the fact that "there are no good men left", or even worse, the thinly veiled bitch sessions obviously directed at one person in particular. Call them and hash it out!! is it normal to be aggravated by other people's dirty laundry?

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  • It's normal to feel annoyed if someone annoys you.

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  • Have my own problems to worry about! Tired of the poor me syndrome!

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  • It's normal. Most of the Facebook posts I see on my wall are of people threatening each other, ungrateful people whining about how they didn't get what they wanted for their birthday, or people complaining about how they're still slaves and blame others for their actions. If they don't get likes on their statuses, they message the people asking for likes. I barely go over there anymore because of their crap.

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  • Don't know if social media users with no filter "annoy" me so much, I just roll my eyes and cringe. Keep scrolling.

    I don't give a shit who fucked who behind who's back, who borrowed money and didn't repay the debt, who called the police on who.

    If I wanted to see this petty hamallu drama (which I don't) I'd watch Jeremy Kyle.

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  • You could go to their kid's school and make of them during recess.

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  • Totally normal. I have had to unsubscribe to people often for like reasons!

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  • People suck. I have my own issues. I don't need to deal with other peoples issues. It's just too much effort. Truthfully if you aren't directly related to me, I don't give a shit whether you live or die.

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