Is it normal to be an adult who likes dolls?

I really like ball-jointed dolls (BJD) and other Asian and artist dolls. BJDs are actually targeted towards adults and are quite expensive. Still, people tend to see them as toys or meant for children. I'm actually considering buying a BJD, but I'm scared what my family and friends will think.

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  • My grandma owns a ton of dolls, do whatever makes you happy. Get a life size doll of your sister if you want. No one cares if you want to own creepy things. I own like 35 stuffed animals

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  • It's normal. Some of them are really professional and expensive, you wouldn't give them to kids. I've been thinking about getting one too, there were some cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ones that were released a few years ago that I'd like to get. If you'd like an excuse for your family, you could say you'd be using them as a reference for drawing or something. Can you give us a link to show the kind of dolls you'd like to get?

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  • My boyfriend has over 400 pokemon dolls and no one gives him problems. Buy what you like, Op.

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  • I don't much care for dolls to tell you the truth.

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  • I loved BJD-dolls as a teenager but I felt silly about it so I never got one + they're crazy expensive. There's probably cheaper ones to find though.

    Many adults collect dolls and other things so there's not really anything weird about it. If it makes you happy then go for it.

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  • You and your family be like

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