Is it normal to be afraid of the human species?

I know they are going to hurt me. I don't know how, why, in what capacity and I can't tell which one is going to do it because they are all have the potential. Every day I feel as if I'm walking a thin line, acting as if nothing is going to happen and hoping I'm not attracting any attention to myself but sometimes, I wonder if the only one I'm fooling is me. Humans seem to possess this ability to be able to sort of read minds and they are very unpredictable. So much of my troubles with them have been from there capabilities to deceive so so well and effortlessly. There is always something going on and they can't give straight answers. So many times, they laugh at me for staying quiet, staying away from large groups of them or hiding from them. I don't understand humans, but I'm constantly forced to be around them. I feel like I need to defend myself before they get me, but I can't afford guns right now so I'm trying to lay low till then. Surely this isn't just a me thing?

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  • I fucking hate humans too, you're not alone in hating humans.

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    • So basically from your logic and correct me if I am wrong, but you make it sound like you hate yourself when you say that.

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  • The trick is ventilation. Plus it wont be solid stone in the first place. Pretty much 3d printed concrete with plates of insulation covered again by concrete and then covered by slipform rubble. 3d printed concrete is about 50%+ cheaper than blocks at scale.

    Pretty sure that the construction costs would only be around 200k. Since the slipform stone vaneer (the most labor intensive part) could be done by myself.

    Astethics of a castle with the functionality of a modern home. Redundancy areas will be included such as voids in safe structural areas that allow convenient access to the layers in between for maintenance and retrofitting for innovation.

    I want the sturdiness of stone walls, problem is if there is in need of retrofitting the normal way to do so is tear down the wall. So providing even somewhat convenient access (like a glued in stone rather than a mortard one)

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  • Is this a neurodivergent thing?

    I'm starting to think I have ADHD.

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  • I mean my intention would to build a castle like house myself first. So the warning signs are already pretty clear.

    Now that might cause a problem in of itself with someone being eccentric enough to build a castle who knows? Guy might also have gold bars laying around in his keep. A big ol D&D adventure just waiting to happen.

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  • I may have a 18th century cannon... but that does not mean I dont have a ring camera.

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  • You'll have to scoop their remains into a jar.

    Plus it's not a booby trap, it's just really really really bad luck to break in and the guy you were gonna rob had a god damn cannon.

    Probably grapeshot, or course salt or something. No for solid shot... unless I had a very compelling reason that it wouldnt just punch through. I would rather patch 100 holes in a wall than a big hole in my wall, the neighbors, his fence, the dog, and most likely a car a quarter mile away.

    Only argument I could see for a solid slug shot is if it was if I was expecting a vehicle or something and that's some level of foresight that I do not have in my back pocket.

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  • Thanks for leting me know that something like this exists. Ive heard of the term "misanthrope" before but didnt do to much research into it.

    Having guns on me would put me at alot more ease. It would give me the ability to defend myself from any possible human. A mass shooting really won't get me closer to my goals. I still have some hope at some point in my life, I just can live alone quietly somewhere.

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  • That's why it's my dream to own a cannon.

    Its laughably cumbersome, incredibly difficult to transport, difficult to fire more than once before getting swamped in modern combat... the perfect home defense tool though.

    Either a cannon or a punt gun (hunting cannon that shot 200 ducks at a time.) Because of its insane overkill and the fact that I would own one doesnt make a mass murderer in planning because making a bomb would be 300% easier.

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