Is it normal to be addicted to the cheesy smell of my socks

I've been wearing the same pair for about a month and I started noticing the smell a few days ago and found it so intoxicating I started putting them directly in my face and taking deep whiffs. It clears my mind, makes me more relaxed and a little high... I wonder if there's any downside to doing this. I could leave them on and get daily doses of that wonderful cheesiness indefinitely.

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  • Obviously not, but not sure if it's dangerous. I get a little concerned sticking my nose too close into any porous, non-human material for too long.

    My uneducated advice would be this: Make sure you know what those socks are made out of. If you're going to get frisky with them, you might want to only stick to certain materials (the same way you only want sex toys made out of certain materials).

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  • If you've a fungal infection on your feet it can make you sick inhaling bacteria into your lungs.

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  • Ffs.

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  • is it normal IDK but i used to masterbate to the smell of my old socks as a teen but now that im older my foot smell is not "good" anymore try it you sill go off hard

    that said wash your feet in-between days of you can get fungus and thats hard to beat

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  • Pecuecas?

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  • Not normal and not sanitary.

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