Is it normal to be addicted to coffee

It started when I started pulling all nighters, but now I have it for no reason. I act as if it is a drug. But I stay in control and don't have more than 3 in a day

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  • Yes, but that doesn't make it OK.
    Caffeine doesn't give you any energy, it simply puts a blanket over the feelings of tiredness.
    To actually get energy, you are so much better off eating a whole-grain, complex carbohydrate based breakfast. Bananas are good for a quick boost to energy. Also keeping hydrated with simply plain water.

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  • can I have a hug?


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  • IT IS A DRUG. I've been off for 5 years and let me tell u I used to drink way more than you but let me tell u right now 3 a day sounds fucking mental to me.

    Once your caffeine intake is zero your body produces plenty of energy to feel alert throughout the day. And I save sooo much $$$$

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  • I love coffee just because of the taste. Black or with creamer. I don't even care if it's decaffeinated. So maybe you like the smell. Or you could be addicted to the caffeine.

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  • 3cups is not alot normal to me i cut back from 5 or 6

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  • Yup. I am.

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  • I enjoy a couple of cups in the morning to tune me up.

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