Is it normal to be able to jump in and out of my dream?

I can put myself into a light dream state where my mind starts dreaming but i'm able to control how deep I go into the dream whether I choose to fall asleep completely or dive in and out at intervals, diving out when i feel myself being pushed too deep in and the dream is getting too vivid?

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  • I love lucid dreams. I Taught myself how to fly in my dreams. Took about 6 dreams to do it. Can't eat pizza late at night because those dreams freak me out.

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  • Good times.
    With a little practice you can totally control them.
    You can fly.
    Be invisible, whatever you can imagine.
    It's not easy though.

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  • So you lucid dream? It's pretty normal. I've also had dreams where I was like "yeah...fuck this shit. I'm waking up", walked out of the dream, and woke up. XD

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  • It is called lucid dreaming, i hope you can get back in the good ones and abort the nightmares

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    • don't abort the nightmares. just destroy your problems with fire. what's the point of a lucid dream if you can't abuse it?

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