Is it normal to ask a customer if they have a safe word?

I recently started a job in an adult store. As I was explaining our bondage section to a friend she suggested I ask the CUSTOMER if they have a safe word. We have no hand cuffs that dont have the safety latch, but we do carry leather restraints that have a belt like system where they can be tighten but I'm sure could be unlatched.(I have not examined so I'm not sure how tight I can be). So what I really need to know is it it normal to ask a CUSTOMER if they have a safe word when buying bondage items that COULD render someone unable to escape. I say absolutely not, what a customer does with their time is NONE of business. She is extremely adamant.

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  • I order any sex toys online because I can never stand the cashiers trying to make conversation with me. They will come up and be like "you need any help? You're looking for buttplugs? Have you tried an anal inflator? This ones too big! Is it for you?". Im not trying to talk about this shit just let me shop in peace and leave.

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  • Their safe word has nothing to do with you or your job so I agree it shouldn’t be asked it’s no ones business but theirs.

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  • I mean it's kinda a formality to see if they actually have one. You dont need to ask for a specific answer. Heck if it's getting on your mind so much about it print off a little slip of paper about safe play and bondage and ask if they want to have it in their bag.

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  • A simple 'Let me know if you need any help' will suffice. You don't walk up to a customer and ask them about their sex life just because you work in a sex shop.

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  • Speaking of bondage I was with this one chick and she had the most comfortable wrist leather cuffs ever! I would wear them if it was socially acceptable kind of comfortable.

    By the way my safe word. Is Stalin. Because I dont think that would come up during it. But it still leaves the insult of Hitler for use.

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  • Maybe not ask directly but mention it.
    "We have this and that, straps, lube, safe words. Well we don't exactly sell those but anyways..."
    That way you are not asking but "reminding" them to play safe. If they are new to bdsm, they might ask about safe words and you can explain. some people just use green (for go), yellow (things getting a little rough), red (when it is too much).

    For anyone uncomfortable with adult shop associates offering help, keep in mind they are not judging and could care less. They are as indifferent as a cashier at a big box store who is ringing up groceries.

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  • Honestly I understand the reservation with adult stores but some stores,have the proper knowledge to assist you in the best orgasims and they want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. It's a totally awkward and some times an overwhelming feeling when talking to people about sex and what you want,but honestly they are there to help and we are worried more about your pleasure than anything. To each their own.

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    • Most embarrassing place I've been to... one time I was with my girlfriend passing by an erotic store and she said we should go in and look around "just for the lulz"

      We were overwhelmed by the girl working there. She comes up to us with a strapon and a whip and a weird muzzle thing telling my girlfriend I'd love these...
      Wtf?! No, I won't, I'm not a dog to be muzzled, nor into anal, get that shit away from me and wait to be approached by the customer.
      Told her I'm not into that kind of thing.

      She then rushed off and handed me something that looked like a leather loincloth telling me it will bring out the savage in me... cause she bet "I had a lot to give"
      Openly talking about what we should try in bed and who has what to give...

      Never felt so awkward and uncomfortable in my life XD

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  • Your friend is a little wack. She doesn't seem to get that that doesn't have anything to do with you.

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