Is it normal to apply science to reincarnation or afterlife

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed."
There's you're body's physical energy, but what about the mental/spiritual/whatever other energies we have or whatever? Like ig that could be a ghost, or a new person, or heaven or hell, or whatever. But then again that can go into the earth as well.

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  • I think it's normal to have those kinds of thoughts, however, there's no real way to prove them so I wouldn't get too invested in it.

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  • When you die your brain gets about a seven minute flood of DMT. Science has proven that time isn't a fixed thing but subjective. I think that last seven minutes of consciousness may be experienced as an infinite time. There's your heaven/hell/afterlife.

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  • Yes it's normal. There are people trying very hard to apply science to the afterlife right now. It might not be how people imagined it exactly, but it's a fact that when you die you decay and are broken down. Love those pictures of huge trees growing out of coffins, for example.

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  • You know, I think you have a vital message in there somewhere. I just don't know what the fuck it is.

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