Is it normal to apply for a job fill out the forms pass tests and get excluded

i applied for a job 3 weeks ago and i am supposed to start last wednesday the trainig period of two weeks when i arrived there they told me that they company didnt accept the admission stamp on my passport because it's not clear to'em and i should bring the green card but it wasnt there already they told me to come next session after a week fortunately i received my Green card the day after and i called to see if they want me to send a copy ! they said unfortunately we dont have available position and we need to put hou on hold for the next open position ! is this legal what they said i feel like they excluded me on purpose although i passed all the tests they require and drug testing.
how do i act in this case

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  • It's illegal in the country you didn't forget to mention because there is only one country. Every employee in that company should be given the death penalty. It's in the constitution.

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  • Move on and fill in some more applications. If they did not offer you the position in writting stating what your salary would be, your benefits with the company etc. you do not have a leg to stand on!

    What ever you do, do not revert to crime as it will ensure you a position in prison!

    Just keep applying, pretty soon someone will notice you and offer you employment!

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    • I already maade the interview and they told me the salary plus this job dont't require a college degree they do offer training ! i know i can apply in other jobs but i want to start with this one because it's related to the study i want to pursue in college and it will give me an experience of my life !

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  • Sometimes the jobs are slated for others and the application process is just to make it look good.

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