Is it normal to always feel hungry?

I can typically get by for a few days without eating much at all. On a normal day I won't eat more than maybe two meals, but recently i've been feeling a lot more hungry and have been feeling the need to eat more than normal.

I woke up yesterday and I felt ravenously hungry, and my stomach hurt, like as if I hadn't eaten for days. I didn't have time to eat anything before work but I made sure to eat on my break, then I ate a protein bar and half a pack of cookies when I got home. I woke up today and I had a very sharp pain in my stomach that went away after about an hour.

I ate two slices of pizza before work today and I had a quesadilla on my break, it's been only a couple hours and I already feel extremely hungry, like I hadn't had anything at all today.

I have also been craving more sugary foods,which is strange as I almost never eat many sweets or junk food normally.

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  • If you regularly avoid eating every day, maybe your body eventually concludes its starving. Either way I have had times like that (but it should not be the majority, its something you need to solve). Freezing for longer time may cause that. As well as not eating the right thing, and of course not eating enough. From personal experience eating more fat (especially saturated animal fat) may help a lot. I have many times experienced being painfully hungry at work, but upping the fat intake stopped that. I also found eating some salt food to help. High sugar is contradictory to staying full (but you dont have to eat low carb). You also must make sure you eat enough proteins, and maybe check that with a nutrient tracker like cronometer.

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  • Eat a better diet and take care of your health. Stuff like ibs can mimic hunger as well and make you feel hungry when you aren't. Craving sugary foods to me sounds like your blood sugar levels might be low which is a sign of needing to eat.
    You should keep healthy snacks with you to eat inbetween meals to keep your blood sugar on a good level. Sandwiches or fruit or something like that. And make sure to eat everyday and try to keep a good routine of eating around the same times everyday.

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  • Eating a large number of carbs actually increases your body's hunger....

    Look into a Keto Diet. Eating properly and you will not feel hungry very often at all..

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    • I don't normally eat a lot of carbs, it's just been very recently i've started craving sugary stuff and things like that. I normally get a quesadilla to eat on my breaks since I work at a mexican resruraunt and we get one free meal per shift, but outside of work I hardly eat anything high in carbs.

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      • People often crave carbs if they are ill... This usually passes in a few days; although not always as some illnesses last a while.

        Most likely it was just some short term thing...

        I wish you the best,

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