Is it normal to almost never date?

I'm a normal guy, I've dated and it's gone as far as one would expect (I'd rather not get explicit). I like dating a girl for a long-term relationship, I've never had a fling.

I had my last break-up like 2 years ago. It sucked, like all breakups do. I didn't date for about 5 years before that relationship, and I haven't after it. If it makes sense, I've never "looked" for someone, my relationships just seemed to happen. Since I'm 25 now, I'm starting to feel like I'm doing something weird. My friends date a lot (or at least sleep around which some of them count as dating). My brothers have even gotten married in the last two years.

Am I not stepping up to the plate? Should I be looking? What do people look for? Am I just being picky? Is this normal? Am I normal?

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  • Never date because you feel you're supposed to or feel pressured. It never works out because it's not coming from a genuine place within yourself. I don't date often and now I just date women I've already gotten to know and have some connection with. Although there are exceptions to every rule. Do what feels right for you is the best advice.

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  • Don't judge yourself, or allow others to judge you by your relationship status.

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  • Don’t feel rushed because others around you have something going on that you don’t. The important thing is trying when you’re ready. I date people with the purpose of making it long term I feel like that’s what you’re supposed to do I’m not much into flings myself. If you want to be known put yourself out there if you’re wanting to get into another relationship go find someone.

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  • Its alright, i never date either.

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