Is it normal this pokémon game has been making me nostalgic?

I’ve always considered myself a casual fan of Pokémon. I’ve owned a few of the video games and occasionally watched VHS tapes of the anime when I was a kid, but out of nowhere I got a desire to play more Pokémon related stuff, and I started playing a game called Pokémon Planet.

It’s bringing back memories of playing diamond and Pearl as a kid. I remember really liking both but then growing tired of them, I don’t remember the exact reason, but it may have been I leveled all the way up and it became too easy.

But anyway, I especially remember playing the games with my neighbors as a kid, and I just kept thinking about how much I miss that point in my life. When video games were life, and no one made fun of you for it, and it was totally normal to be obsessive about them. When you could talk all the time about them and no real life stuff would come up.

I haven’t seen those neighbors in years now, and I’ve since moved away. I don’t know what their lives have been like since, hopefully it’s been good.

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  • The one that makes me feel more nostalgic was Pokémon Battle Revolution , the real reason was because of how it was cool to see Pokémon in 3D.

    Especially the fact that you could hookup your DS to your Wii.

    What was even cooler was how it was once used in the VGC World's Championship in 2009.

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  • I remember back in the day playing pokemon on the first gameboy back in the late 90s. Was a good game.

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