Is it normal this made me afraid to drive?

Ok, this really is only ONE aspect, since a lot of different events contributed to my fears, but this one in particular is what probably put the extreme opinions in my head.

I remember in 10th grade English class, we had to read the book Fahrenheit 451, and one assignment we had to do was share an interesting fact about its author Ray Bradbury. While google searching for that, I found he never learned to drive, and actually had a pretty negative opinion on cars in general. He even said that cars kill people more than wars do!

My initial thought was “I kinda see where he’s coming from, but I think he went a bit overboard.” I found myself wondering how he’d feel if he needed to go to the hospital and a car was the only way.

But I didn’t think much of it, until I came across a scene in the book where a character was hit by a car and died. I was especially sad because this character reminded me a lot of a friend I made at the time, and I really hated the thought of this happening to her.

And then I kept hearing about more accidents, my teachers showed us videos of the after math of some with zero warnings that we would see something graphic, and even showed one video that told us to imagine having caused an accident, and thinking about the tragedy we would have caused (I should mention that that is VERY VERY VERY BAD for your mind!)

The more I kept hearing about all this, the more I kept thinking, “maybe Ray Bradbury had a point!”

I sometimes find myself scared to go outside because of all the cars out there, and how I’ve trained myself to associate them with such horrible things. I really want to be wrong though, as although we’re in quarantine as I’m writing this, wasting your life away inside is a sad life to live.

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  • Cars don't kill people, it's the loose nut on the steering wheel that does that!

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  • Driving is dangerous. So is crossing the street. Even eating is dangerous because you COULD choke.

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  • Don't have this mindset... Everything is dangerous, you could be hit by a meteor, or choke on food, or be shot by a lunatic, or be eaten by the chupacabra alien/ gremlin thing... Forget all that garbage.

    There is no reason to hate cars. If it wasn't for cars and trucks, our way of life wouldn't exist. Everything you buy has been touched by the hand of the internal combustion engine. More specifically vans and trucks. Cars aren't dangerous, idiots behind the wheel are.
    If it wasn't for my car, I couldn't visit my parents in the summer and for Christmas...

    I got a license for pretty much everything, cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and boats. I had a part-time truck driving job, now I got a part-time bus driving one. Driving is a freedom unlike any other. When you're sitting there, behind a twin-turbo V8, roaring down that road with nothing but the lines on the road keeping you company - that's what being free feels like.

    Don't fear cars, be thankful that Mr. Karl Benz invented the automobile and turbocharged the progress of mankind.
    Stay safe out there!

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    • I wish I could have your mindset

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  • Can't live your life fearing something that might happen my friend. Gotta grab life by the balls and squeeze.

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  • About a week ago I was driving home and a squirrel ran out in front of me. SPLAT. I burst into tears right there behind the wheel.

    Now I know whose fault it is. FUCK YOU, RAY!

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  • You've to crawl before you can learn to walk and you've to walk before you can learn to run.

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  • I have hit about 10 roos in the last 12 months

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  • Cars are fucked. That's why I dont have a license. I'm working on it though but they stress me out

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    • Why tho? I don't see why some people are terrified of something so awesome?!

      My girlfriend hates it when I drive faster than 100kmh, even if most of my cars will safely cruise at 200 and above...

      Anyway, good luck with your license. Ain't no other freedom like it. I got a license for most stuff you can drive and it's one thing in my life I'm proud of.

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  • You're better off not driving.
    You're clueless.
    You will get yourself and others in danger, and possibly hurt or killed.
    Driving requires something you lack.

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