Is it normal this is my ideal life?

I would love to spend my days traveling the world and doing new and exciting things each day. I especially would like to do them alone. I don’t want to get married and I DEFINITELY Don’t want to be a father! I only want to be responsible for myself. I don’t need to start a family, the one that I already have is enough, and my friends too.

I also would like to date around. I’m tired of this “finding your soulmate” bullshit. I just ended up putting my crushes on pedestals and making them unobtainable. It’d be much cooler to date multiple girls from different countries.

I used to be scared to even go outside, but now I’m getting tired of it and just wanna say “fuck it, if something bad happens at least it’ll make my life more interesting!”

Think something like Jack Sparrow or Indiana Jones (before the fourth movie) but hopefully with less violence.

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  • Why not do the Forest Gump thing and run from coast to coast back and forth until you want to quit, like he did.

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  • I've really been interested in visiting Asian places.

    Vietnam, Japan, China, Mongolia, South Korea, Etc.

    I mean Thailand is literally called the land of smiles how could I not want to go there?

    I do want to settle down at some point but I'm not even 25 yet I'll worry about that later.

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  • This dream is nothing more than an average, everyday act, most of us dream of staying at home to be mundane, dull people. If it's any advice you want, my advice is for you to sit at your mobile phone if you have one, using internet for ideas on ways of life and how to live life. Look up new ideologies, new styles, new lifestyles, then one of these will be a dream you're striving for.

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  • I'm a female and I'm perfectly fine being "alone" I quite enjoy it so much I question if it's healthy. But I would Def love to travel alone but I'm scared only because of the fact I am female.

    Anywho I'd say enjoy your life. As long as your responsibilities are taken care of, you're being safe about sex, not leading ppl on, and not harming anyone (including yourself), hell yea enjoy yourself!!

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    • I appreciate your encouragement, but it’s not like being male doesn’t come with its own dangers.

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  • this is the most boring, uninspired dream life ever

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