Is it normal this incident is still plaguing me

The 19th May this year was the day, my day. I collected my dream car, a brand new Mercedes-Benz C 300e Sedan. The day after (20th May), I drove through the neighborhood and 2 teenagers jumped up on my hood and started jumping on my roof. When I got out of the car, they ran away.

The car is seemingly fine without any visible damage, but this incident has completely ruined the love I had for the car. I have been looking at trading it in ever since, but I haven’t gone through with it as it would be a major financial loss.

The incident was 4 months ago and I can’t let go. IIN?

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  • I dont think you should sell your car for that.

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  • Normal. Sounds like you're traumatized from the scary experience of almost getting carjacked by those delinquents and the car itself is a reminder of that day.

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  • Why don't you go to therapy for a few sessions? It might really help you. Best wishes.

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  • Do you live in a bad neighborhood? Avoid driving a Benz or similar luxury cars in those areas.

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  • Maybe you should have put your car in reverse, and floored it? That would have most likely learned em good. 🤠

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  • ...You're upset because two kids jumped on your car?

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  • Kids will be kids...

    Payback for when you were younger (although what you did to someone else was likely different).

    I find it amazing that you don't recognize it for what it is.

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