Is it normal this guy played me like this?

So i met this guy few months ago at work, we flirted a lot and met each other every day after work and talked about all kind of stuff. We haven't done anything serious, still there was this spark, we held each others hands while walking small stuff like that. But then he suddenly said he had something to tell me, and i was like "yeah sure". He said he liked some girl that goes in the same uni as him, and he has been talking to her since a month, and they might start going out. I was shocked. I am just wondering why a guy would do this?
It's like i have been friend zoned, but that is alright. Did i get the wrong idea from the start that he liked me? I just don't understand why he would flirt with me and hold my hands and stuff?

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  • Some people are really flirty like that. It can help to actually address things, and discuss feelings to clear the air. Maybe that is what he was trying to do. When he saw you were into him, maybe he felt like he had to tell you about his feelings, so that you wouldn't get the wrong idea. Maybe he should have done that sooner. Maybe he thought you were just being friendly (if you never explicitly expressed any feelings).

    I don't think he played you (because from your post, I see he got nothing out of it). But I wasn't there. In any case, yes it sucks he didn't like you the way you like him. But he is not the only guy out there. You will find another guy.

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  • Guys get rejected all the time. Rejection is part of life.

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  • Too bad. Yeah, you did get the wrong idea.

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