Is it normal this girl is constantly talking shit abt me?

There's this girl in my class that's always talking shit about me, and I can usually hear it too because she thinks she's subtle (she's really not...), and I'm asking this because school is gonna start back up soon and I really don't know if her behavior is normal.

For example, (this is one of many) she and her friends were at a table talking when one of her friends said something about people who do bad eyeliner. She immediately whips her head around and points directly at me and loudly says "do you mean her?", trying to embarrass me in front of everyone I guess? Its so weird that she knew exactly where I was sitting, and that she was THAT concerned about how I do my eyeliner. (And the best part is that her friend said "no, I was actually talking about YOUR eyeliner.)

She also goes out of her way to make fun of me for the strangest of things. One time I was just eating rice and she turned to me, said "are you eating rice?" and then turned to her friend and made a strange face. Then she just kept repeating "rice?" and kept giggling to herself while everyone around us sat there confused.

I genuinely don't know what her problem with me is because I've never spoken to her before, aside from when we first met when I literally complimented her. I don't want to be rude to her in any way but her behavior has caused me to start hating her, because I genuinely can't understand why someone would act this way. Is it normal for her to be like this?

(Also I want to note that we're on our last year of high school now, so she's legally an adult.)

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  • Fortunately after you get out of school this type of behavior is rare. Adults usually dont treat eachother that way. Violence is always an answer to this problem. You could always punch her in the face.

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  • I'm going to go the opposite way.

    Take a step back and reevaluate her true comments and the situational circumstances you were in at the time. You said you don't even talk to her except the first time when you complimented her. Is there a chance she is actually interested in you?

    I'm not implying sexually maybe just friendship. There are many people who don't know how to approach a person they like and it is documented that they pick on or insult the person just to get their attention. There is an old saying about insults being a form of flattery.

    Not sure how you break through if this is the case, because I know what she has said and done hurts and is hard to look past. On her part if you responded friendly her defenses will initially come out especially if other people are around.

    You could try a middle of the road approach. Without anger and in a one on one environment just take a firm approach letting her know that you think she probably is or could be a really good person but what she says and the comments are unnecessary and are hurtful.

    If she goes off on you you can be nice and say okay and walk away, or in my case I would probably say something like: that's okay, I thought I would give you the benefit of doubt and treat you like a decent person but I have been wrong before.
    Just be ready to knock her head off if she starts to get physical.

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  • Considering that she makes fun of you for stupid stuff, that should be enough to tell you that she doesn't actually have anything good to say. Just cares about humiliating you.

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  • She sounds like a dick; plain and simple.

    That eyeliner thing was funny btw. It's nice to know that she got her juat deserts.

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  • Bullies are generally all talk. Might have to put the fear of God into her. Chances are she'll deflate quickly. You might have to kick her teeth in though. Or be bullied this year too.

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    • Yeah many times they are all talk but you gotta be careful because alot of them are flat out tough. The bully at my school did have people stand up to him a few times and even fought back but it didnt matter they still got knocked unconscious. I remember parents would say "bullies coward when you stand to them" not this mf

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      • She really isn't strong at all. She likes to mock people and brag about how much prettier she is or whatever she feels like bragging about at the moment, but she's very weak. I think she almost got into a fight once but she was too afraid to follow through.

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      • That's funny. Yeah not everyone is a push over. Life's a gamble.

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  • Approach her like you're going to give her a hug or like you have some news you want to share with her. When she gets close enough, tilt your head to the side and bite her nose off. Rip it clean off her face and chew it enough that even if you don't swallow there's no way they'd be able to reattach it. Tell her that it's too late and that every month for the rest of her life you're going to find her and bite off another body part

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