Iin2 think suicide for over a decade (no crisis)?

Not really going to hurt myself, but the idea has been for a while. some day in 2009, when i was 17, I came up with the idea that I would kill myself before 35, I actually told people around me but they were like "meh". I do not remember actually doing anything to terminate/hurt myself, but holding this idea itself makes me feel weird.
okay, I still think I'm probably not going to kill myself because 1) what if my good life starts from the very next day? and more importantly 2) what if reincarnation is real and I am actually coming back as a Chinese baby.
so, no crisis for me, although I still hate being Chinese very much.

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  • What About being chinese do you hate?
    Move to Sweden, the second you cross your boarder you are Swedish. (Derp)

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  • What's wrong with being chinese?
    Clear skin.
    No odor.
    Firm sensitive parts.
    Above average intelligence.
    Folks assume you can do laundry and like sex. Lol.
    That said, I'd rather die than be old.

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  • Dont do it

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