Is it normal the roads are barely tended to in the winter and very dangerous

Im scared to take the bus to my internship lately because the road to there is very poorly looked after in the winter and the whole week it has rained. Yesterday my bus crashed with 2 trucks an hour after I would've been on it had I been at my internship yesterday... and a few hours later two other big accidents. It has not been good because rain in the winter is a pretty bad thing and the buses here are not allowed to have anything but all year around tires due to environmental awareness or some crap like that. I have called in sick this week to avoid the road. I have had migraine so i'm not entirely lying but I think it could be triggered by the stress of all these recent big accidents tbh. This morning first thing I read was that a truck had crashed into a car and killed one person, so thats another accident with a truck... Further away from where I live but only by like 30 minutes... I usually never take the road that leads to the town where my internship is, I usually always take the bus to the city which is in the opposite direction and it seems that highway is slightly safer. *Sigh*.. I dont trust the bus drivers. Most of the time they are late and drive like maniacs. I miss being at my internship but i'm not going to risk my life for something I dont even get payed for. If they need me then pay me lol. I have gone out my way working extra over the holidays and I photographed an event for and they are using my photos for free. There has got to be boundries at some point and I draw the line at literally risking my life. Its currently pouring down again and I had to walk to the store to buy food for my pet, and guess what all the roads are basically ice rinks. They do a horrible job making the roads safe and people pay taxes, for that?!... I read the hospital is overcrowded due to all the cases of people getting hurt on the icy roads and people are demanding the roads get sanded but nothing happens...

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  • First winter in the north?

    Shits common in the midwest, especially if you dont have a major highway cutting through it.

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    • Ive lived in the north my whole life. Its never been this bad before at least not in the last 10 years. Two hours ago another bus accident happened near my job and bus accidents never happen typically. They are unusual.

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