Is it normal the reason i haven't committed suicide is because i'm afraid of hell?

I was raised Christian and although I don't follow a religion anymore, I still fear there being a hell or some other bad afterlife. I have also thought about suicide many times. I won't go into why, but I do want to go through with it but the fear of hell makes me hesitate. I can't imagine suffering on earth then dying and going to hell. At the same time, I would probably go to hell if I didn't commit suicide because I'm not a Christian. So I'm conflicted. I just wish I knew for certain if an afterlife existed.

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  • Afterlife is what people thinks it happens, because they are afraid of death. There is no evidence or proof to support those theories. Most likely, they are untrue. Anyways you should seek medical help, this shithole is not going to give you real advice, just a bunch of fat gay cucks with opinions and who hate to listen and some random people like me wasting their time. Find someone who can truly help you.

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  • What do you think your suffering?

    Life is great. It could be you're putting too much pressure on yourself.

    Life is simple. Eat and sleep.

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  • Why do you think you will go to hell after death ? And How do Christians qualify for heaven ?

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    • The bible says you will go to hell if you commit suicide. (I’m not the OP, btw, I’m just explaining)

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      • I know that. I was forcing OP to find fair reasons to believe in any religion and not just copy other people.

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  • I am all ears.

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