Is it normal the bus is constantly packed with kids

I really hate taking the bus. I did it everyday for 4 years at high school thats when I started experiencing migraines. Is it related? yes. I fact its all the various sensory inputs on a bus and how crowded it gets and that people are not quiet. Train works better overall the few times I need to take it because trains are more quiet and more room and comfort.
I now take the bus to therapy once a week. Ive tried to pick appointment hour when its the middle of the school day since yes other adults take the bus too but usually its only packed because of kids. Yet eve if its 12 PM or 2 PM or any other time in the middle of the day the bus is nowadays packed with kids. Often they get off at the mall which pisses me off because there is a specific dedicated busline that goes there, in fact almost all city buses stop at the mall which means theres lots of buslines to choose from and pretty much all of them except the bus I take (which goes via the highway, I live outside the city) stop inside the area where all the shops are whereas my bus stops along the highway. Yet they pick this one and fill it up. It really pisses me off. And why exactly do a bunch of teenage boys (it usually is boys) need to head to the mall in the middle of school days or go home for that matter? Have schools stopped having schedules since I graduated 7 years ago?
Ive taken the bus in the middle of the day before and it was never full in fact almost empty. Now its full of kids nonstop. And I thought we had a pandemic at our hands even so thats great timing by the way that they started last year with taking the bus constantly at all hours of the day filling it up.

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  • As a part-time bus driver I agree that kids are annoying. I hate driving children around. They are loud, squeaky, messy always forget stuff, don't pay attention and some won't stop asking me stupid questions like "How many cars can the bus crash through without breaking down?!"

    I don't know, it's not GTA and I don't care. If I deliberately damaged the bus, I'd lose this job.

    Still, not as bad as the angry loner passenger, who goes and sits at the back of the bus above the engine for "quiet", but then complains that the engine is too loud when I drive.

    Yes, it is loud and you hear it perfectly because you are SITTING ON IT!

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  • i useda be able to go to the grocery mid tuesday mornin and it was dead so i could get through without trippin over 1000 assholes

    now its packed no matter when i go

    does anyone have jobs anymore? where are they gettin grocery money?

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  • In the evening where I'm from it's filled with them.

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  • Never popped in some earbuds and stare out the window?

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