Is it normal that you think anything is abnormal?


Regardless of anyones ideas and thoughts, most people talk some real crap on here, voting matters not as in the same time something may be a good post, another thread will have downvoted good posts too and the tides shift dramatically without any control.

In other words, this website is Reddit but on the surface acting as something else.

The human population in general is like this, so well done being completely normal. Acting is also a mask to hide the real you, see this site acts, but is fundamentally the same.

This is why there is a thing known as natural selection, but there is an opposition to this that rainbows and cakes can fix apparently.

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  • Usually things seem pretty in control to me. Most of the time the comments are insightful and the voting I feel accurately reflects honest opinions

    There are trolls here who will gas light or falsely vote, but you can't really escape trolls on the internet. If a post seems like a troll it seems like it's fair game to say whatever you want. You're allowed to call people out on shit and they're allowed to respond.

    On the internet it's called trolling, but real life has its equivalents. Social puppeteering, shit testing, fucking with people, sarcasm. There are many ways to go about being a real life troll and it's hard to handle it while benefiting oneself successfully all the time.

    I'm not sure I agree with acting hiding the real you. There are these things called personas, basically like a mini identity you can use to control your behavior. They can be used poorly or with ill intent, but they can also be used right. If they are, that's a pretty honest and sincere way to express oneself

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    • Trolls will always be trolls.

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    • "control your behavior"

      Control is to hold back, by definition is not truthful and not the real you ;)

      The whole thing is a social construct, if you truly wanted to be fully you, it means losing what you hold in your head with false perception, it also means people who cannot be themselves will abandon you and eventually you garner the people like you and your life changes.

      Sort of like when a caterpillar breaks out of it's cocoon and becomes a butterfly. Your spirit and soul and the real you is set free.

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      • Thank you for a fine example of what I posted.

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      • Control means to focus in this case, to not be a blithering idiot, a creep, pariah, or liar. When you go to school, you're in school mode. Work is work mode, when you're at the grocery store, we can't compose ourselves the same way all the time.

        So if I'm at work I'm going to build a really good demeanor. That right there is a focused control of a persona that augments my ability to do my job. And it's not my true self or ego, if memory serves, but there's about ten or fifteen layers of filter between an ego and what you get at the start of a conversation with someone

        Getting to know the real person takes time, mutual interest. It won't happen with everyone. It's not surprising to come across people who rub us the wrong way. We are all so unique it's absurd to think that could be.

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        • You gave no context, my reply has the same non contextual reply, don't expect people to understand you when you are not fully understandable.

          Demeanor means nothing, some people need it perhaps, others don't.

          Perception then, how do we find those who are truly them and those who act?

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          • You can ask questions and make statements that are not derogatory

            It's called discourse

            Demeanor is there where it's intended or not. Demeanor, personas, you have a personality, stereotypes, you are quantifiable on several regards.

            You have to figure that out on your own. Some people cling to anyone who'll show them a little attention, others are patient. Understanding yourself and what's good for you helps, what you appreciate in others. This is one of those things I like to define as time goes on, but just think about all the things you'd want in a friend or something and when you meet people who can fit into that model are like gems in the rough. If you can stay in touch, hang out, whatever, then you can polish that gem into a nice friendship. Remembering this also keeps things in perspective, helps with like loyalty and trust and stuff.

            And for me, I've studied a lot of psychology and just a plethora of many other things. I am optimistically cautious until I have reason to sway one way or the other. I'm pretty good at reading a face and feeling what's going through someone's mind based on subtle indicators. I can see good indicators as well as bad ones. I like knowing instead of wanting to trust someone. I mean, I've been wrong loads of times though and I can still be tricked I'm sure.

            I said this before, but the more you understand yourself the more I think you can discern who acts and who doesn't. It just helps having that reference point.

            It's a broad topic though, I couldn't possibly get into all of it now

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            • Thank you for your answer, I got a good understanding of where you are coming from and we can agree to the same things. self reflection and working on you is the best method. self knowledge leads to wisdom.

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