Is it normal that virus vaccine increased my labido?

The covid vaccine has increased my labido , alot.
I noticed a few days after but didn't think anything of it. It still is increasing. In the last 12 hours i have needed to orgasm 3 times. 6 of these hours i was asleep. 4 hours i was working. If i stay home on Saturday i will probably wear myself out.
Is this normal? Anyone else had similar experience?

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  • If that's the case I'm all for it

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    • Yes I been wanking on average 3 times a day since getting covid shot. I hope the booster shot will increase it some more.

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      • 3 times a day aint much, im having to stop work atleast twice a day to rub one out . My free time i need to polish the bishop atleast twice three times if my woman wont let me pound her :(
        Im getting second shot soon and im scared.

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  • Thats the vaccine trying to spread

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  • I don't recall reading anything about this, but then I'm not sure how many people would volunteer the information if it were the case. The only thing I do remember reading about sex and Covid is that guys who catch the virus appear to be more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction. That seems very weird to me, but this virus has all sorts of odd, medium- and possibly long-term effects on some people.

    An awful lot of people have suffered some degree of depression since all this crap started, and a feature of depression is reduced libido. I wonder if getting the vaccine has had the psychological effect of allowing you to believe that the shit-storm might finally be passing, so your mood is lifting, and part of that is that you're thinking of sex more.

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  • I've noticed this too. It also seemingly made my penis itself significantly larger and I've noticed way faster and more dramatic results from exercise and a faster metabolism.

    As if that's not enough, about a week in it felt like some sort of mental fog I wasn't even aware of suffering was lifted. My depression began to decline and I noticed I was markedly quicker about my wits and able to more easily perform mental math.

    It almost feels like a toned down version of the movie Limitless. I would have taken this vaccine even if COVID-19 wasn't a big deal. I haven't felt this happy in ten years, if not my entire life.

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