Is it normal that trees are half healthy and half unhealthy?

is it normal for a row of (relatively tall/large) trees separating two properties to be very healthy on one side and very unhealthy (brittle, looking half dead) on the other side? I thought it might be because the other side obviously doesn't spend much on maintenance but the trees are still the SAME TREES, right? not sure how this works

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  • Alright I happen to be someone who worked in forest management. Now, you can have trees in different spots but they will all grow differently. For example some trees need basically no water such as cactus for example. Okay I using cactus as it likely probably more plant but I would think it similar to a tree. Now it could be that some trees are taking up too much sun or water and killing the other trees. However I do not know the lay out of your grounds or what species of trees you are dealing with so I can not say for sure. There are also a lot of other factors like if you have weeds or adverse insects. Weeds are plants which take up a lot of water and often kill the surrounding plants or trees. There is also a number of insects which kill plants such as say bark beetles and termites. It could also be you are putting species together that are naturally going to kill each other for various reasonings and this is important to know when gardening as well.

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  • Is there a septic system beneath the ground? It's very possible that the roots of the trees on one side have basically dug into the septic system, whereas the trees on the other side don't have this same advantage. Regular groundwater may be another possibility, it depends on where you are.

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  • is one side along a road?

    road salt does that

    or it might be a difference in sunlight exposure

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