Is it normal that this winds me up something chronic?

This one is going to trigger the Karens...

It royally pisses me off that modern women associate the word "submissive" with "subservient", and thereby pass up on perfectly good men who simply want to lead the relationship, because they think he's going to view her as beneath him. An equally aggravating pair of words that modern women conflate is "dominant" and "abusive".

"Submissive" means amenable, compliant, open to suggestion, willing to co-operate. None of that negates your right to disagree with a suggestion that has been made. You can be submissive in a relationship and still have full control over the outcome of the situation.

I like amenable, friendly, feminine women. That's my type. I'm not going to view any woman with those traits as beneath me. If anything, a woman like that commands more respect.

"Dominant" means able to lead, can make decisions, can delegate, to be purposeful, to act forthrightly. You can be dominant in a relationship without neglecting the needs of your partner, and respecting their equality therein.

If you want a man who can lead you, but still respect your equality, then accept your feminine traits and allow him to be your man.

It's not subservient to be submissive. It's not abusive to be dominant.

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  • You don't seem to know much at all about history. Women "submitting" is associated with most of human history, continuing in parts of the world today, when women were literally a subservient class with far less rights or options in society. We've advanced past the stage where women are defined by men, get over it

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  • I think its hilarious. Apparently guys like me slave at work all week just so we can oppress a poor female that gets to stay home all year round, not work, and get a debit card with free money on it. You'd have to be a Nazi to do such a thing to a woman.

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    • This. It's laughable how ridiculous it is.

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  • AlL wOmEn HaVe To Do iS sTaY aT hOmE wHiLe I wOrk. A lot of men clearly have no idea how hard is to take care of kids and how much of a nightmare it can be.

    You expect us to do all of the housework too on top of that because when you get home it's always I'm ToO tIrEd.

    Going to work doesn't mean you can't wash the dishes every once in a while after dinner.

    By the way I looked up the definition of submissive it actually means:

    ready to conform to the authority or will of others meekly obedient or passive.

    So I don't know where you pulled that definition from.

    When women get submissive you get bullshit like what happens to women in the middle east so get fucked.

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    • Any man who thinks this is almost as braindead as you are. No one expects you to do anything, but regular women? Yeah, if you're staying a home, that's the domain you're in charge of.
      "Bullshit" like what you get in the Mid East is what you get when feminism hasn't been destroying your civilization.

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      • I would assume you’re an actual retard. But retards are like super happy. You’re just an angry little cunt. Poor thing.

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        • I don't know why, other than maybe due to an emotional outburst, you'd think either of those things but neither are true, especially the latter. I'm generally quite happy. Maybe you should spend less time assuming and more time verifying... Quite a retarded thing to do... How ironic.

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    • No you dont. You get a situation like we had in the west around 20 to 30 years ago.

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      • Ah yes the bitchification of the 90s back when women were called bean counters for asking for some political respect and trying to get into the cabinet, ridiculously over sexualized, silenced, demonified, and dismissed, and then the news blamed them for it.

        Yeah the 90s were great for women.

        "If you want a man who can lead you, but still respect your equality, then accept your feminine traits and allow him to be your man."

        What if I want to be able to lead myself and not have to rely on a man?

        What if I want to embrace the "masculine" traits of strength and self reliance?

        Why do women have to be "lead"

        Can't I be able to lead my self AND want a relationship?

        The fact that you agree with 1weirdguy who acts like women have the easiest time in the world and never struggle at home tells me all I need to know.

        Taking care of kids can be as hard if not harder than your jobs. Especially if you make us take care of the whole house on top of it. Stop acting like women never struggle and never do shit.

        Get over yourselves.

        Children are fucking EXHAUSTING.

        That's something a lot of men need to get through thier thick skulls.

        Stop trying to force women to rely on men and let us have some fucking independence for once in history.

        After that bs avoiding women post I don't really feel like being nice about this.

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  • I feel like this site is 97% gay men. I prefer a more diverse crowd.

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