Is it normal that there are so many roaches in my house

Recently (a month or two) i've been finding (so far maybe 8?) cockroaches in my room. They aren't that big, and can't fly. Sometimes, roaches will come out at DAY. Very rarely though. I'm afraid because i've seen a few baby roaches come from INSIDE my keyboard and some medium sizes from under my wardrobe. I've never killed a single roach in my life so I don't know what to do.

If it helps i've seen other roaches in one other room and in the kitchen i've seen one big-sized one, (after 9:00, I don't know why it came at morning) and a few other mid-sized ones.

It was rare to see a cockroach but recently it's happening so much more often why?

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  • I straight up turned down an apartment roughly the same size as mine for having roaches. Even at 300 USD cheaper, it was a deal breaker.

    Do what DASNSCAL suggested.

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  • Roaches love the cities for some reaaon. I use to live in the hood and roaches were the size of mice and were everywhere. The apartment ppl blamed us saying only dirty ppl get roaches. I looked on the reviews for the apartment and I saw the apartment manager said word for word the same thing in one of the reviews. She reviewed herself bitching about all the other reviewers saying they have roaches because theyre dirty.

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  • You need to clean everything out and spray ant and roach killer. If that doesn’t work, call a pro exterminator.

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  • If you live in an apartment ask the manager to have your place sprayed for bugs. If you live in a house call an exterminator. Kill those disgusting creatures!

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  • Do not eat in your bedroom and do not let dirty plates in the sink overnight. They stay where they get fed.

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