Is it normal that the game slenderman posessed my computer

In 2013 when the game was all that I downloaded Slenderman to play this game. When Slendy showed up there was a static sound. After I downloaded it my computer started making static sounds at night.
One night when I was sleeping my computer turned itself on and started making a loud static sound identical to the one in Slenderman and it didnt wake me and this was the worst case of it.
My mom rushed into my room to turn off my computer but nothing worked she couldnt turn it off so she tried to wake me but im out like really weird, she says she shook me and my eyes opened but I just stared right through her. I dont remember anything from that just that eventually I am awake and aware and I have very weak memory of my mom standing in my bedroom yelling about what is wrong with my computer and how to make it stop but im just sitting there staring and my room is lit up from the computer screen flashing and I can barely make myself say anything and I dont remember how but eventually it stopped.
The next day I uninstalled Slenderman and its never happened again since I uninstalled it like no more static sounds from my computer at night and I havent been unconscious again since. So what do you think.... Was my game bugged with something or is Slenderman something real that can affect certain people....All I know is im not playing it again.

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  • You trippin'

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  • Some programs (games included) do not work well with some computers - and can indeed make strange noises and cause the computer to do funny things.

    There are so many things that have to line up program wise between all the boards (graphic boards are often an issue in older computers) in the computer and accessories like keyboard, mouse, and whatever else you have installed.

    Even updating all the drivers may not solve the problem. You may need someone who can edit your registry and set various other codes in the computer to make things work right.

    Or you just uninstall the program that does not seem to work right; which is what you did.

    Have a great life...

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    • Makes sense!! I thought maybe there was a bug in my game or someone put something sketchy in it!!...
      It never happened with anything else ive downloaded...

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  • Not just your computer...

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