Is it normal that the apple fanbase pisses me off?

Apple's incredibly arrogant fanbase is the sole reason why I'll never purchase an Apple product. Don't want to be associated with these fucktards.

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  • I think anyone who is obsessed with a brand is pretty sad. These people who queue up for the latest sneakers or phones etc. Like get a fucking life.

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  • Macmacmacmacmac

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  • I used to have an Ipod and it was a very good product. It even still works today, but it's the only apple product I've ever owned, or want to own.

    Iphone crazies are so annoying... "Oooh I have an iphone, it's 2 percent better than the last one"

    Iphones are more luxury accessories than phones.

    And please make the phone camera war end already!!! I don't care how many cameras you can shove in a phone, if you want the best photos possible, buy a proper DSLR!

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  • Apple died as soon as Steve jobs died.

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  • You are not a part of the apple fan bass.
    So why not just give a like or thumbs up?
    You felt a need to chime in.
    So did I.
    Thats really all there was to it.

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  • I feel you. Too many of the Apple users are strange left wing control freaks who also have scary ways to express "good" for the others.

    Young adults that remind you of overprotective parents with Marxist views and a herbal lifestyle.

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  • You should never determine what you like based on who likes it.

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  • Apple, schmapple, crapple

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  • Unfortunately, most fanbases are going to have defensive, arrogant, vocal, assholes who stand out and make everyone else look bad. The key is to not give a shit about the toxic trash and the people who try to associate you with said toxic trash.

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  • O mean I dont want to purchase a shitty product so I dont buy apple but whatever floats your boat

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  • People are free to waste their money however they choose: at the gambling table, by giving a huge donation to a TV evangelist so he can buy a new jet or by paying a lot more for a piece of tech that's not actually any better than the competition but has a certain logo on the back.

    I find it difficult to have much respect people who are driven by peer-pressure, feel a desperate need to stay on-trend and are highly susceptible to manipulation by advertising, but the problems those weaknesses create in their lives are not something I need to worry about.

    Basically, Apple is a cult, and just as there's no point in trying to persuade a Scientologist or a devotee of some wingnut guru that they've been bamboozled and exploited, so there's no point in trying to engage in a rational discussion with an Apple fanboy.

    Their life, their money, their choice.

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  • Lots of people have different opinions about which products are better but you shouldn’t be rude to people about it. Accept that difference is a good thing and try to understand where they are coming from. :)

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    • With computers, there is always a "best product on the market," alongside a "best product on the market for its price." Apple has neither of those.

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  • ive ignored apple cause family members are all apple fans and also try to get me to fix their tech problems so i avoid apple stuff and plead ignorance

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