Is it normal that stress makes me lose weight even when i eat like a pig?

I really do eat like a pig but whenever something stressful happens, it seems like my body loses it's ability to absorb nutrients or something. Should I be worried? Will this hurt me when I'm old? Is this normal?

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  • So when you are stressed your body releases hormones. The first one is corticotrophin (CRH). CRH inhibits appetite so you can better focus on the stressful situation . Once whatever is stressing you out is over your body produces glucocorticoids, particularly cortisol, which start your digestion up.

    Most people end up gaining weight due to stress because the cortisol remains in the blood longer than CRH. Although people who do eat a lot normally are more likely to loose weight while stressed.

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  • Yes stress causes adrenals to dump stress hormones into the bloodstream which raises the metabolic rate which causes weight loss. Stress also causes your body to absorb less nutrients. These last as long the stress lasts.

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  • Stress is tough, it makes some people blow up like a pig. Be grateful, and just eat some vitamins and leefy greens. Don't judge the fat fucks.

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