Is it normal that size matters to me

With most surveys reporting that penis size does not matter to us ladies, am I weird for needing a good hunk of male meat in me?

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  • I love a XXX Penis in my ass

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  • Well you want what you want. That's your business.

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  • I would probably prefer smaller

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  • I guess not seeing as vaginas are different sizes just like dicks

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  • To be honest, I think size matters to everyone. Women just like to say "it doesn't really matter to me!" because they know that men will throw a huge tantrum if they say otherwise.

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    • It's impossible to know when women are being honest about what they find attractive. Sometimes "dad bods" are super hot and sexy. Sometimes you're regarded as sexy as a limp noodle unless you have washboard abs and pecs bigger than her boobs. Sometimes size doesn't matter and sometimes you'll get your dick made fun of even though it was "just fine" last time

      Just say what the fuck you mean it would probably make things a lot easier for everyone

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