Iin, that random women don't really turn me on

If I see a random woman with a great body and ass I feel a little turned on at the time but once the moment is over it is over and I just get on with my life and don't think about her much.

I need more from a woman than just a great body and the best possible ass. I need a great personality and I also need a woman to feel sexually attracted towards me to be truly turned on a woman. Looks alone for me is just not enough. The best looking woman with the best ass can turn me off if she is a nasty and evil person or has no sexual interest in me. I feel it is not just a woman having the best body and best looking ass etc that make a woman a woman and that she needs a great personality and needs to feel sexually attracted to me as well as i feel that is the total package.

This is why I have never understood people that like p*rn etc. I am a guy, I need a woman to have everything I mentioned to offer as well to really turn me on, her looks a alone are just not enough. Is this normal?

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